Deputy Harbormaster Charles (Chuck) Moran retired from a very  impressive career in property management throughout the country last April and decided he wanted to come to work (because he can’t sit still) at the Harbormasters office in Kittery. Based on his resume, I initially was not going to hire him because he was way way way over qualified but I’m glad I did. I often tell him and everyone else that I should be working for him. He has brought strengths to our office in everything I lack and more. This is only my second season as Harbormaster and I’d like to say it was successful and Chuck was a huge part of that.  Chuck grew up on the Kittery waterfront and he and several other long time Kittery Point residents refer to themselves as “Wharf Rats”.  His local knowledge as well as ingenuity has become essential to me and the local and visiting boating community. I’d like it if you would mention him in your Harbormaster Appreciation Day column and add his picture (attached) as well. I’m sure you know better than most that Harbormasters everywhere are often under appreciated and often underpaid so Chuck being a part time Deputy (30) hours definitely fits both of those categories. He works way way over 30 hours per week but only gets paid for 30. He says all the time “ I don’t do it for the money!” The town of Kittery is very lucky to have him and I would be grateful if you would mention him. (by John Bronihan, Harbormaster, Kittery, ME)

Submitted by J. Brosnihan

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