I am the harbormaster for the town of Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts. My duties include, but are not limited to, managing the boater database for moorings, slips and waitlist totaling around 1400 people. The Harbor Department collects approximately $200,000 annually in fees and manages a budget of over $100,000 annually. I teach safe boating courses, provide information and assistance to boaters on the water, maintain waterfront infrastructure, and coordinate permitting and planning with state and federal agencies for large scale projects such as dredging. As harbormaster I work with the United States Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, state law enforcement and other harbormasters in the region to ensure all boating laws are observed, and receive ongoing training to maintain the highest level of readiness for any water related incident that may arise. The harbormaster also serves as the ambassador for the community waterfront. (B. Pike – See more information on Bion at MarineCareers.net)

Submitted by J. Hoysradt

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